Dream The Vision (DTVision) is an Experience!

The Experience is a relaxed, fun atmosphere, engaging all senses. The Experience is diverse people coming together at unexplored, creative venues. The Experience is people engaging in stimulating conversation, enjoying savory appetizers, specialty cocktails and grooving to tunes that evoke pleasant thoughts.  The Experience is a self-cultivating, collective process that uses guided imagery.  A licensed therapist facilitates the guided imagery Experience.  Guided imagery is a mind-body exercise that uses music and words to guide the imagination to a relaxed state. The guided imagery Experience allows feelings of positive energy to manifest. The positive feelings assist in visualizing an achievable goal. At the close of guided imagery, goals are written in a take-home journal.  

Next, the Experience of Art!  With the assistance of an art innovator, participants create a unique three-dimensional piece of art, with their very own hands.  The Art Experience uses distinctive, interesting materials with vibrant colors and textures.  The Experience leaves participants with a unique one-of-a-kind hand personally created art piece to place in their home or office.  The art piece is a reminder of their goal. Dream the Vision is an Experience!

Dreama and Traci, two women, one dream.

DTVision was born to Dreama and Traci on Friday, September 25, 2015 over a vanilla bean frappuccino and caramel mocha latte at Starbucks in Akron, Ohio. They had a dream of providing warm fun experiences to help women grow through self-discovery.


Dreama and Traci began their careers as urban public school educators. The circumstances of downsizing, school mergers and layoffs forced Dreama and Traci to work together at an underperforming middle school. Dreama and Traci’s offices were located on a stage converted into two small, windowless offices.  Dreama served as the school counselor, and Traci served as the assistant principal. After rumors, innuendo and conjecture, the two realized they had more in common than not. The common ground birthed a strong working relationship that bore a wealth of student success, community engagement and a million dollar grant from the Knight Foundation. From there, the friendship grew into a sisterhood, sharing the births of babies, breakups with boyfriends, marriages, miscarriages, family vacations and promotions.


The hard work landed Dreama and Traci positions at a startup public STEM school in Akron.  Dreama is the founding school counselor, and Traci is the founding school principal. A part of the school’s curriculum is entrepreneurship.  All founding staff members took a 6-week course, The Entrepreneurial Mindset. The school was highly successful and featured on CNN and in Newsweek. The success drew influential entrepreneurs, innovators and artists to the school. There was even a visit from a representative from the Bill Gates Foundation.  


The experience and the exposure to the innovators ignited the dream of starting a business in Dreama and Traci. A business for women by women.  A business where diverse groups of women come together, discover common ground, and possibly create a new network of friends. Then came the questions why, what, how, when?  It came to light!

Traci was speaking to a group of successful female community leaders at ATHENA Akron. Yes, they said, we want to set goals in a creative environment. The spark was lit.  Literally, the next day, there was an ad in the Akron Beacon Journal announcing the Knight Arts Challenge Akron. The challenge funds the best ideas for engaging and enriching communities through the arts. Starbucks became their “official” office. Long nights on the phone. Saturdays and Sundays at the office. Countless hours spent visualizing, setting goals and creating ideas.  

Making it Happen!

Dreama and Traci won a grant for $20,000 from the 2015 Knight Arts Challenge Akron. Dream The Vision dreamUP Project was born! D and T are the first initials of Dreama and Traci’s names. D and T also stands for Dream The. DTVision was born because two women had a dream. Their dream led them from a stage converted into small offices to being celebrated on the historic Akron Civic Theater Stage, the largest stage in the city.


Celebrations are over and reality hits.  To receive the $20,000, Traci and Dreama had to raise an additional $20,000 by the following year. The two novice business owners learned to structure a business while learning to fund raise. Terms like Limited Liability Company, Operating Agreement, Line Item Budget, W9, and Employee Identification Number became part of their vocabulary.  


Traci and Dreama visualized, set goals, work hard and raised the $20,000 in a year.  To raise the money, they took advantage of all available resources. They partnered with Gavin Scott Salon and Spa and hosted a spa event. They partnered with iboy to host a crowdfunding campaign. They also have an anonymous $10,000 angel investor.


Growing a business while working a full time means using time creatively.  Weekly business meetings are at the hair salon. At one of the meetings, Dreama noticed Kumar Arora, star of Lebron James’ Cleveland Hustles, commented on a DTVision Instagram Post.  Dreama had the idea of direct messaging Kumar to ask if he would mentor her and Traci. The much younger hair stylist showed Dreama how to direct message.  As luck would have it, Kumar responded. Weekly, for three months Traci and Dreama would skype with Kumar in California for an hour from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. They learned about contracts, building their website, and the term Ramen Profitable.

Today, Traci and Dreama are still working full time jobs but Dreaming The Vision. DTVision Experience are available in northeastern Ohio for women and men.  Visit dreamthevision.com to find out more about DTVision.