Dream The Vision (DTVision) is an Experience!

The Experience is a relaxed, fun atmosphere, engaging all senses. The Experience is diverse people coming together at unexplored, creative venues. The Experience is people engaging in stimulating conversation, enjoying savory appetizers, specialty cocktails and grooving to tunes that evoke pleasant thoughts.  The Experience is a self-cultivating, collective process that uses guided imagery.  A licensed therapist facilitates the guided imagery Experience.  Guided imagery is a mind-body exercise that uses music and words to guide the imagination to a relaxed state. The guided imagery Experience allows feelings of positive energy to manifest. The positive feelings assist in visualizing an achievable goal. At the close of guided imagery, goals are written in a take-home journal.  

Next, the Experience of Art!  With the assistance of an art innovator, participants create a unique three-dimensional piece of art, with their very own hands.  The Art Experience uses distinctive, interesting materials with vibrant colors and textures.  The Experience leaves participants with a unique one-of-a-kind hand personally created art piece to place in their home or office.  The art piece is a reminder of their goal. Dream the Vision is an Experience!