Unwind your mind! The DTVision experience uses guided imagery.  Guided imagery is a mind body exercise that uses music and words to guide your imagination to a relaxed state. A licensed counselor will guide you through guided imagery exercises that allow you to feel positive energy. The positive feelings will assist you in seeing a vision of a goal you want to achieve. 



See your Art! The DTVision experience is creative. With your hands, a local artist will you help you transform the goal you want to achieve into a unique 3 dimensional piece of art.  Distinctive, interesting materials with vibrant colors and textures are used.  Your piece of art is a daily reminder of positive feelings you experience and the goal you want to achieve.


Feel your heart! The DTVision experience is warm, friendly, fun and relaxing.  Venues for the DTVision experiences are unexplored, creative places in the city.   It is a positive vibe for all types of people.  Relax with food and cocktails. Bring friends or make new friends.  Enjoy!

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