Our Story

Dreama and Traci, 2 women, 2 friends, 1 dream, providing warm fun experiences to help women grow through self-discovery.

Dreama and Traci began their careers as urban public school educators. The circumstances of downsizing, school mergers and layoffs forced Dreama and Traci to work together at underperforming middle school. Dreama and Traci’s offices were located on a stage and converted into two small windowless offices.  Dreama served as the school counselor and Traci served as the assistant principal.  After rumors, innuendo and conjecture, the two realized they had more in common than not.   The common ground birthed a strong working relationship that birthed student success, community engagement and a million dollar grant from the Knight Foundation. From there, the friendship grew into a sisterhood.  Birth of babies, breakups with boyfriends, marriages, miscarriages, family vacations and promotions.

The hard work landed Dreama and Traci positons at a startup public STEM school.  Dreama was the founding school counselor and Traci was the founding school principal. A part of the school’s curriculum is entrepreneurship and all founding staff members took a 6-week course, The Entrepreneurial Mindset.  The school was highly successful and featured on CNN and in Newsweek.   The success drew influential entrepreneurs, innovators and artists to the school. There was even a visit from a representative from the Bill Gates Foundation.  

The experience and the exposure to the innovators ignited the dream of starting a business in Dreama and Traci. A business for women by women.  A business were diverse groups of women come together, discover common ground and possibly create a new network of friends. Then came the questions why, what, how, when?  It came to light!  Traci was speaking to a group of successful female community leaders. Yes, they said, we want to set goals in a creative environment. The spark was lit.  Literally, the next day, there was an ad in the newspaper announcing the Knight Arts Akron Challenge Akron.  Long nights on the phone. Saturdays and Sundays at Starbucks crafting an idea.  

Dreama and Traci won the Knight Arts Challenge Akron. DTVision, Dream The Vision, dreamUP Project was born! D and T are the first initials of Dreama and Traci’s names. DT also stands for Dream The. DTVision was born because two women had a dream. Their dream led them from a stage converted into small offices to being celebrated on the largest stage in their city. DTVision dreamUP Project celebrates women in a warm, fun experience that uses words, music and a licensed therapist to help women set goals. Local female artists will assist women with creating a one of a kind three-dimensional piece of art. Women will create the art with their own hands. The pieces of art will show the women’s goals. The art pieces will be displayed in a local art show.



At DTVision our mission is to provide
exceptional experiences that allow women to discover the art in the art of self love, self understanding and Self Vitality - LUV!


To celebrate women in a fun, warm and friendly style.
To provide an environment specially designed
to bring out creativity in women.
To provide a positive experience of self-discovery and self-growth.