What is a DTVision experience like?

In a relaxed, social setting, a licensed counselor will guide you through guided imagery exercises that allow you to feel positive energy. The positive feelings will assist you in seeing a vision of a goal you want to set. With your hands, a local artist will you help you transform your goal into a unique 3 dimensional piece of art.   Many people find our events therapeutic and a fun relaxing way to tap back into their creative side. These events are perfect for all level of artists. Bring your friends, colleagues, plan a unique date night, or fly solo and meet new creative people.


How do I sign up for an event?

Visit dreamthevision.com Home page or Events page.


Where are events held?

Venues for the DTVision experiences are unexplored creative spaces.  Venue locations will be announced at dreamthevision.com


How do I cancel if I can't make it to an event?


If you need to cancel or reschedule a reservation, you must do so a minimum of one day before the event.


What if I am not artistic?

The experiences are for all skill levels but challenging for those with more advanced skills.


Do I need to sign up in advance?

It is strongly recommend to sign up in advance because of seating is limited.


What should I wear?

We will provide aprons, but we recommend wearing clothing you would not mind getting stained!


What time do I need to arrive for an event?

The start time is listed on our events page.  Our doors open 20 minutes before the listed start time. We suggest arriving early. Events start on time, and late arrivals are responsible to catch themselves up.